Gmail Custom Themes

Did you know? You can change your Gmail inbox to be even more custom for your brand!

Why? Because you can. That’s about it.

How? Go to Gmail -> Settings -> Themes. You can pick either the “Light” or “Dark” custom theme and upload whatever image you’d like!

how to use gmail custom themes

Link your networks with IFTTT

As business owners, we’re sometimes expected to be on top of every new service, system, and be organized beyond belief. However, do you ever get the feeling that you’re spending your day jumping between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, your blog, etc? With so many networks – it can be hard to keep up and appear to be superhuman! Not anymore – introducing IFTTT.

IFTTT: “If This, Then That”. IFTTT is an online service that links your networks and allows you to create “recipes”. These recipes are rules that you create that allow different actions to occur between your networks. Want your Instagram photo to be posted to your Facebook Fan Page too? Link them! Want your receipts from WHCC to forward and save in the right Evernote location? Set up a recipe! Here’s how you make it work!

1) Go to IFTTT and sign up for an account
2) Activate your networks (Evernote, Instagram, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc)
3) Build and activate recipes!

Here are some of my favorite recipes and ideas to get the wheels turning:

I use this one so that every time I use #ootd on an Instagram photo, it writes an entire blog post on my Fashion Blog and publishes it! Such a super-easy way to blog and keep fresh content.

Keep your profile pictures consistent.

Save all of your Instagram photos in Dropbox, so that you can easily pull them for blogging, Facebook, or random needs. I have mine set to organize by date instead of caption (easier to locate in the Dropbox folder).

Keep those photos organized and easily available!

No more searching through your inbox for that random .pdf you sent to someone mysterious eight months ago.

Looking for a new coffee table? Camera equipment? Long lost lover?

Keep track of online receipts in Evernote by using a simple Gmail label!

Always critical.


Emily - Thanks for posting this, IFFT sounds amazing! Going to set up some recipes now!

Jonathan Connolly - You always find the best tools for productivity! Thanks for sharing and not just keeping it to yourself. Grateful.


I shared this excerpt in my recent presentation at Mystic Seminars, and wanted to make sure I shared it with all of you as well:

“So often the simple tasks of life can seem overwhelming. But feeling overwhelmed is only a reaction to them.

Many things need to be done – laundry, housekeeping, car maintenance, bills, taxes, appointments, work – the everyday responsibilities of our lives. The tasks of quietly beginning, doing the first step of the first tasks can help us find our way through. Once we begin, we see that things aren’t overwhelming. The simple act of setting to the tasks simplifies it. Our sense of peace reappears in the magic of the present moment.

Magic and power don’t come from contemplating all that lies ahead, how much needs to be done, all that might go wrong, whether we’ll get through. That’s fear. We don’t find the magic and power by denying, escaping, or ignoring our feelings, even feelings of being overwhelmed. Feel what you need to feel. Release it. Go forward in love, one moment at a time.”